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Landlord home insurance




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Landlord home insurance

We are a UK based insurance broker specialising in landlord home insurance, we trade extensively online which is why we are able to offer such competitive premiums with highly comprehensive cover. We provide instant online quotations online from several different insurers meaning you will be able to obtain cheap landlord home insurance online with the minimum of hassle.

  • Instant online landlord home insurance quotes
  • Pay for your landlord home insurance via direct debit monthly
  • Competitive rates meaning cheap landlord home insurance
  • Well known landlord insurers for your peace of mind

Landlord home insurance

Landlord household insurance

The biggest investment you make as a landlord is more than likely the properties themselves whcih is why it is crucial to include provision for landlord household insurance in your business plan. We specialise in this field of insurance which is why we are able to offer cheap landlord home insurance within the UK which usually provides cover for perils such as fire, flood and such like which as you are well aware could result in huge losses. As part of our commitment to providing high quality insurance products and services we also provide employers liability insurance with online quotes.

Cheap landlord home insurance

Because we trade so heavily online we are able to cut down on overhead costs and provide cheap landlord home insurance quotes online from several different insurers meaning you have a wide choice of low premiums and cover to choose from. Each insurer offers slightly different cover meaning you should have no problem finding cheap landlord home insurance which provides the cover you require for your buildings.

Buy to let home insurance

When arranging your buy to let home insurance it is important to remember that you want to insure it for the rebuild value and not the sale price. The sale price will usually be higher than the rebuild value so you would be insuring the property for a higher value than you need to meaning you are less likely to receive cheap landlord home insurance for your properties.

Landlord home

Online landlord home insurance quotations

We are happy to offer instant online quotes for landlord home insurance in the UK from multiple well known insurers so that you know you will not only obtain a competitive premium but will receive all the cover you would expect from such a policy.

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