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Buy to let building insurance

We specialise in cheap insurance for landlords which is why we can offer such low cost policies on landlord building insurance in the UK. We provide instant online quotations from a panel of competitive insurers meaning you can let our system look around for you to get you a great deal instead of spending hours searching yourself. As a responsible landlord we understand that you don't have hours to waste searching for cheap building insurance but obviously understand how crucial it is, for this reason we have dedicated our time to low cost landlords building insurance to save you time and money.

  • Instant online landlord building insurance quotes
  • Pay for your cheap landlord building insurance monthly via direct debit
  • Competitive rates meaning low cost building insurance
  • Well known insurers for your peace of mind

Landlord building insurance

Your let properties are probably the biggest investments in your life which is why it is so important to have an insurance policy in place to provide protection for the building. The usual main perils which such a policy would provide cover for is fire, earthquake, flood and subsidence but obviously each policy differs slightly and will offer different cover for your landlord building insurance policy.

Buy to let building insurance

Most buy to let building insurance policies will vary in what cover they offer. We deal with only well known insurers for your peace of mind and protection so you know that the cover you get will be more than enough to provide protection for your property. If you had buy to let building insurance in place then you would usually be covered against perils such as fire, lightening, earthquake, flood and such like which means that no matter what the even(as long as its an insured peril) you should be able to gain the same financial position you were in before the incident happened.

Buy to let property insurance

The premium you pay will be based on several factors such as the re-instatement value of the property you want to insure among other things which is why it is important to have an accurate figure and not simply the sale price of the property since this usually has no relevance when you are arrange buy to let property insurance inside the UK. The postcode area that your property is located within can also have an effect on the premium you would need to pay for your buy to let building insurance since some areas would be considered higher risk than other(e.g high flood risk, high claim rate etc).

Online buy to let building insurance quotes

As a landlord you probably have a never ending list of jobs which is why we specialise in buy to let building insurance in the UK and are happy to offer instant online competitive quotations from several insurers and can arrange cover the same day if payment is paid via credit or debit card.

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