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Landlord building insurance

We concentrate on landlord building insurance so that we can provide some of the most competitive premiums in the UK. We provide instant online quotations from several insurers to save you the time and effort of having to search through many different websites. We provide dedicated landlord building insurance advice via telephone and email and can help you choose the right insurer to meet your demands and needs with regards to insuring your building.

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Landlord building insurance

Buy to let building insurance

One of the biggest investments as a landlord is obviously the buildings you purchase, this is why it is so crucial to have a landlord building insurance policy in place to protect your buildings against perils such as fire and flood. When insuring your building it is important to remember that you should only insure it for the rebuild value and not the sale price. The sale price is usually(but not always) higher than the rebuild value meaning that you will be insuring a higher figure and therefore may not get cheap landlord building insurance.

Landlord building Insurance cover

Every landlord building insurance policy will vary with regards to the cover it offers. Generally the main perils which you would be insured for are fire, lightening, explosion and earthquake. Leaving your buildings uninsured could lead to huge financial losses, for instance if your property was to catch on fire and you didn't have a landlord building insurance policy in place then you would have to finance the repair of your building solely out of your own pocket. Many mortgage lenders will no release funds until you have at minimum the building insured for the evalated rebuild value, this is to protect their interest in the property should the unexpected occur.

Landlord Insurance Excess

Nearly all landlord building insurance will have an excess which is an unisured loss. The standard excess is usually £100 which means that should you need to make a claim on your landlords insurance for the building then you will have to pay the first £100 out of your own pocket. The excess cannot be claimed back from the insurer although some insurers may include legal cover inside their landlord building insurance policy which you may be able to use to try claim back the excess if there is a third party which is liable for the damage.

Landlord building

Online quotes

We realise that as a landlord you have a very busy lifestyle and cannot afford to spend hours searching for cheap landlord building insurance which is why we offer instant online quotations from several well known insurers so that you can arrange your landlord building insurance as quickly and as cost effectively as possible.

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